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Funding for Your College Degree Meeting the extraordinary costs of higher education requires creative financing solutions that draw from every available resource. Within business and industry, forward-thinking companies are dedicated to increasing access to education for students who can’t afford to continue beyond secondary school. Your ticket to college might originate from your employer.

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Where in-service training once kept employees up to speed, the specialized workforce employed by modern companies increasingly requires highly-technical training that cannot be provided on the job. To stay ahead of the curve, corporate human resources departments put forth incentives to send employees back to school. Investing in employee development is a short-term expense for businesses that understand the value of  highly educated personnel. Tuition reimbursement programs are distinguishable from other traditional forms of student aid, because tuition costs are paid up front, by each participating student. Once program criteria have been met, students are paid back for their tuition investments.

Program Coverage and Criteria Each reimbursement plan carries its own eligibility standards, so it is important to understand what is required for participation. Your employer or sponsoring organization has its own agenda, so don’t assume that every plan will be administered in the same way. Commonly, company tuition payment plans relate to courses that are specifically germane to the business of the company. Make sure your coursework is covered within the reimbursement guidelines of your employer’s tuition plan. Corporate reimbursement programs limit the amount that may be claimed each semester.

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